"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" New Year's Eve At (Someone's?) Home

by Chiara Atik · January 7, 2010

New York, as we know, has a plethora of New Year's Eve activities, from hotel balls, dive bar countdowns fueled by PBR, and of course, the old standby of Times Square. But the oft-overlooked house party is possibly the most fun way to ring in a new year.-

Scroll through these pictures and take a minute to really observe the people. I can scarcely remember seeing a more relaxed, jubilant, and quite possibly blackout drunk crowd. They look so happy! They're letting loose! They're making out and dancing and raiding the fridge, like they're kids again. There are no tourists to knock into them, no one to kick them out at 2 am, no one to decide to stop serving them alcohol cause they've had enough, no one to tell them to take off their "Compton" baseball hat or to stop being rowdy...basically the perfect party situation.

Long live the House Party in 2010!

"Did we come to the wrong party?"

[Images via Kirill]