"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Nicky Hilton And Jared Leto Celebrate Art In LA

by Chiara Atik · January 29, 2010

Last night, Calvin Klein and the Los Angeles Nomadic Division co-hosted the first annual celebration for LA Arts, honoring projects that have had a significant impact in the field of contemporary art. More importantly: Jared Leto was there.-

Ahhhh, Jared Leto. As much as these pictures were an interesting from an anthropological point of view, especially as Rachelle prepares for her journey out West (People in LA smoke, drink, and text on their blackberries, much like in New York), as beautiful as Nicky Hilton looked, it was Jared Leto's presence that really impressed us with this gathering. As a fiercely pro-Jordan Catalano office, we had to hide these photos after the page-break to keep us from getting distracted all day. Look at how adorable he is in this candid!

Look! It's Jared Leto DRINKING! He's so good at that.

Jared Leto posing with Jared Leto's little friend! We could just die.

These LA club kids just keep getting younger and younger...

Lorenzo Martone

That man's tshirt says "Butt". Just pointing that out for you.

[All photos via The Cobra Snake]