"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Nudity And Voyeurism At The Standard

by SARAH MANDATO · August 26, 2009

The Standard Hotel isn't a fleeting fancy. It's really backing up talk that the LA transplant is bringing new blood to the Meatpacking. The Grill is a scene, whether you're seated or at the bar. We get more opportunities to see the gorgeous Andre Balazs. Beverage and snack vending machines? Amateur. Theirs give you trendy boardshorts, and they used that as a reason to throw a party. Then someone realized that boardshorts are sort of silly without water. Time for a pool. A beer garden is on its way. All those impressive amenities pale in comparison, however, to the fact that people are parading in front of their hotel room windows, naked. The High Line, not just an incredible addition to the city's outdoor flaneur offerings, gives pedestrians an opportunity to check out the goods. Both parties seem to be loving the arrangement. Hey, as long as everyone's happy, we're all for it.

[Photos via NYP].