"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Our Favorite TV Characters From Childhood Have A BBQ

by CHLOE POST · July 30, 2010

Guests were in Good Company at Finger On The Pulse's Summer Blowout BBQ. The event brought together daring DJ's and seriously powerful culinary visions by some the city's greatest chefs. As an ode to the past, guests channeled their favorite child star, and behold! The flashback to the past and all of it's greatness ensued..

Guests nibbled on some old world yiddish soul food classics provided by Mile End as Au Revoir Simone moved the crowd with organic electronic music.

People seemed nostalgic to say the least as we were strangely reminded of some of our favorite characters from our childhood's finest TV programming...

Disney channels beloved surfer, Johnny Tsunami hangin' 10 with a bodacious babe.

Richie Rich bringing back all those old feelings of disappointment that not all of us can afford to have an amusement park in our backyard.

Everyone's belovedly bashful Cousin Itt making her annual appearance.

Roger, the infamous green-skinned bully from Doug, shows he still has the pent up anger from never winning Patty Mayonnaise's love.

Oliver Twist still asking, "Please sir, I want some more."

Angelica from Rugrats planning her next attack on Tommy Pickles.

Wishbone! The greatest history teacher of all.

Cast member of "Are you afraid of the dark?"... Still afraid of the dark.

Hey Arnold's stoop kid. Afraid to leave his stoop. Drowns his sorrows in delicious BBQ.

(Images courtesy of NickyDigital.com)