"Best 2K I Ever Spent": Patricia Field's Shocking Valentine Birthday

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 13, 2011

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Patricia Field's 69th birthday on Friday night was a fest that smacked of the carnivalesque gone Gaga with a neon light masquerade quickly spiraling into debauchery. The stylist-designer's Valentine's Day Ball at Capitale is absolute eye candy. Let's go to the photographic evidence!

Just feel these vibrations.  Given Field's work in costumes and her labor of love with Sex and the City, you might have expected the theatrical and loud.

Some went faceless, perhaps to remain anonymous from the transgressions to come.

Some guests indulged in Patricia's Love Potion Pink Friday Sea Breeze Belvedere Gimlet; the reactions of passion are priceless.

Once the breasts came out, there was  no turning back...

All's well that ends well...