"Best $2K I Ever Spent" PDA At Le Poisson Rouge

by Mara Siegler · November 15, 2010

Guests at Le Poussin Rouge's anniversary of Crooked Disco, Crooked Friends imbibed in the brain-damage causing trend of snorting Tequila through their nose; drank too much; gave expressions of shock, awe, and utter WTF; and engaged in some appropriate and non-appropriate levels of PDA.

Which is is sort of kind of understandable, to a certain extent, considering they were toasting three years of the party.  But add in the fact they were also celebrating the 55th anniversary of Marty McFly going back to 1955 to battle Biff and make sure his parents get hitched and it makes complete sense.  Nothing says "Let's get ca-raaaa-zy," like Back to the Future. No one was calling any of these party goers "yellow."

Warning: The inhalation of tequila and other forms of booze is not advised by GuestofaGuest, the entire medical field, or anyone with common sense.

Don't believe me?  This guy is looking at the effects. The horror!

It's something like this. Permanently.

Which is fine and all, but could make it hard to pick up the ladies.

And there was plenty of that going on. This is a clear example of what is 1) Adorable and 2) An acceptable form of PDA.

This=Not Acceptable.

[All photos via KirillWasHere]