"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Rebel Yell At Bingo Night

by CHLOE POST · August 11, 2010

As we discovered earlier this summer, Rebel Bingo is bringing bingo back in the best possible way. These super secretive bingo parties boast an itinerary of getting in on a bad-ass conspiracy, getting smashed, playing hardcore rebel bingo, winning sweet prizes (like an inflatable swimming pool) and drawing on each other (a lot).-

While Rebel Bingo Club usually holds their events in some sort of a Secret Lair in London... The party disguised itself as a "Brooklyn Young Person's Health and Safety Meeting" at Bell House.. Take caution, things got pretty down and dirty. Now forget everything you've read here. Rebel, what?

Winner, winner. Chicken dinner! BINGO!!

[Images via Nickydigital.com]