"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Red Egg Opening Party

by Spencer Rothman · October 11, 2011

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All the party people came out Friday night for the opening of the newest Red Egg location in Little Italy. DJ sets by May Kwok, Zara Zachrisson, and Chelsea Leyland filled the "red-light and disco ball" saturated atmosphere.

The pop-up space is Simonez Wolf's latest venture, after the closing of Madame Wong's.

Party now, evil plans later...

DJ Chelsea Leyland spinning

Posing for all the little people.

Thomas Cole Baron posing with friend.

Peace, love, and raging.

You were thinking it!

Well hello... I didn't see you there!

Flowers for ma'lady.

A young Terry Richardson made a special appearance from 1998.

The revival of blue steel? We can only hope.

Throwing up the goods.

Showing off his nailbeds, obviously.