"Best 2k I Ever Spent!" Remember Lawn Seating?

by SARAH MANDATO · August 6, 2009

[Photos via Cobrasnake]. We certainly do. One thing that Wisconsin may have a lot of is green. We have it in New York, but it's in pretty, primped park form. Not rustic, like the grass seats at this Milwaukee concert. It's probably actual farmland or something. Lawn seating meant cheap tickets, but in the days when sitting on grass didn't terrify me and my expensive fabric choices, it was probably the greatest thing ever. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ffffffffCurl up with friends and hope your crush would show, then sneak the mini alcohol bottles into the coke you brought (before any of us cared about all the sugar), maybe smoke a cigarette...show up to school totally wiped, telling everyone about the fun night and feeling pretty cool. Those were the days. Plaid over here is still living them, enjoying the Blink 182 show with Fall Out Boy. Thumbs up, buddy. And cool grey jeans. A band member. He loves his concerts just as much as the fans! Yeah solo cups!

Sunburn bromance.

Well, we're feeling something.

Pose for picture. Take picture. Multitasking.

Ha - check out woman on the right - someone wasn't allowed to come without their mom!