"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" Reni Lane Launches "Places For Us" At The Eldridge

by SUSANNAH LONG · March 30, 2010

Alt/pop-rocker Reni Lane kicked off the release of her album "Places For Us" at LES hotspot, The Eldridge. Rocker Linda Perry, Nightlife Legend Zelda Kaplan, and Sylvia Rhone (Aka Madame President of Universal Motown) all appeared at the decidedly hip undertaking.-





The Eldridge, a low-key but often crazy-exclusive LES bar, can inspire fanatical devotion (or intense hatred, if yelp is to be believed); it looks like the venue easily wooed Reni's guests with its dj-friendly set-up and cozy atmosphere. Let's take a closer look at the banner pic to see who exactly it won over . . .

Who is this turbaned temptress? Is she the spirit of music? Kind of. Turns out that's Zelda Kaplan herself, and she has the best website ever. She seemed to approve of the proceedings, during which DJ Equal spun for the group of invited guests, and Reni gave a full 45-minute set while looking really cute. Seriously:

We swore off artificially flame-haired rockers after Vitamin C (born Colleen Ann Fitzpatrick) appeared in Dracula 2000 and then announced she was going into children's music, but we might make an exception for Reni.

Reni Lane with Linda Perry. Linda Perry's all, "Oh, kid. When will you stop taking photos of me?"

Either wear a scarf or unbutton your shirt. There is no halfway.

The ever-popular squint pose.

Alas, there's no vid of Reni's set at the Eldridge, but check out the music video for Place For Us, above.