"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Steve Aoki Cleans Up Lavo With Champagne Showers

by Mara Siegler · May 26, 2011

If one thing can be said about Steve Aoki (and only one thing), it's that this dude luvs, LUVS,  poppin a bottle of champagne and spraying it over a hot sweaty crowd. He's good at it! Plus, as evidenced by his night at Lavo, people enjoy it as much as he does...

Steve would be coming to cleanse them in sweet bubbly soon. All the better to be wasted when it happens.

Ready for her bath.

Seriously you guys!!!!! He's almost here! I. Die. OMG. You ever feel so different and alone and like you will never be accepted? And then, it's like, an Asian electro dance DJ comes along and pours booze on your head and all is right with the world!!!

And here it is! How freaking happy does Steve Aoki look? Champagne spraying is Steve Aoki's ultimate Zen.

It was clear most people, mouth's opened, love it.

While some were merely blinded. Still...it was AMAZING!

[Images via KirillWasHere.com]