"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Supercharged Super Jew, JRL Takes Over The "Shiksa's"

by Rachelle Hruska · August 18, 2009

[Justin Ross Lee surrounded by Shiksa's at Pink Elephant, Southampton] Fameballer and self proclaimed "Supercharged Super Jew" Justin Ross Lee has uploaded an new album to Facebook titled "S.H.I.K.S.A. Summer" ("Shiksa" is a pejorative term for a non-Jewish woman if you were wondering), and it's more cheesetastic than the previous ones.  Documenting his life as he moves from Manhattan to the Hamptons, going to parties with his parents and buying bottles at 1Oak, Pink Elephant, Cipriani's, and Avenue (though apparently Ashley Olsen put an end to that). I wish I could claim responsibility for the quotes that follow each photo, and the detailed draw-ins, but alas, they are all him.  Have fun! 

"The most important woman in my life who brought you: 'Shiksa's don't have abortions.'"

"Stars of Shiksa Fun"

"United Colors of Benetton draws?"

"En route to CEO of Hamptons Mag, Jason Binn's house." (with his parents)

"Interfaith Dating: Motherly Advice"

"After close. Pink Elephant."

Niche Media Event. Jason Binn's house. Southampton

"Dad and my JewLiveCrew"

"Fuck you custom tailor, Doug Rosenblum and I doing Loro Piana and Zegna business in my Hamptons driveway."


"Batteries not included."

1 Of A Kind Delicous Yid

But at TenJEWne.

"Last known shot of JRL at Avenue. Before Ashley Olsen insisted he no longer be allowed in."

"SE Corner of 34th and Shisksa"


Hudson Terrace

"Had to change dry cleaners over this colorful bitch."

Cipriani Downtown

"Taken during my Jewnoxious rendition of Juvenile's "Back that ass up"

"Shiska Right Ahead!"

It's "OY" not "ahoy"