"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" The 8 Components Of The Miss New York USA 2012 Pageant

by Kermichelle Leo · January 16, 2012

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Tanning spray, heels, hair and makeup-no, it's not the Golden Globes, it's The Miss New York 2012 pageant, held yesterday evening in The Performing Arts Center at Purchase College. The only place where a smile full of vaseline can get you a sparkly crown.

Miss City Of Dreams Johanna Sambucini achieved her own dream by taking home the crown as Miss New York 2012. Her response to her interview question, secured her place in the top 5 leading to her win. When asked which celebrities she would like to have as parents, her response that she would "never change her parents" won over judges and the crowd alike. Who needs celebrity parents anyway when you're about to become one yourself?

Get ready for a year of charity events, press, exploring the country, and all the free hair and makeup your heart desires Johanna. Word of advice? Avoid being in compromising photos Facebook can be your friend and enemy.