"Best 2K I Ever Spent" The Bird Had The Best Time At The Bunker

by Mara Siegler · November 11, 2010

Bushmill's held its "Since Way Back" party at the much-buzzed about new club by former Beatrice Inn owner Matt Abramcyk, Bunker. And while the booze was free and flowing, the biggest hit of the party was the fake bird.

While in the "photo booth" guests had a number of props they could use from deer antlers to a blanket to some plastic and fabric roses but nothing was quite so popular as the winged wooden creature. Guests put it on their shoulder, in their mouth, on their head, and did a number of other creative things with it.

Looks like Bunker is off to a good start.

You'll spoil your dinner.

Watch out for him later. He's a mean drunk.

See what I mean.

What's that? You're in love?


Sexxxxy time in bed. Perhaps a bit too much PDA in public?

(Photos Via Facebook)