"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" The Desigual Undie Party: Another Excuse For New Yorkers To Get Naked

by Chiara Atik · September 24, 2010

Go HERE for more photos by Mark Ianatosca, and tag yourself and your friends!

By 1 am, people were in line. By 6 am, there were 100 people at the door. By 8 am, there were 300 people lined up outside Desigual in their underwear, all for a chance to win free clothes, and happily, New York really did give Spain a run for their money.-

The first of two Desigual Undie Parties was held yesterday morning, way before most New Yorkers have had their morning coffee. The premise is this: be one of the first to show up to the Desigual store in your underwear, and they'll kindly give you an outfit to wear for free.

When we first heard this concept, we thought it was fun, but wondered if New Yorkers would strip down on the streets as easily as their free-spirited counterparts in Barcelona.

Uhm, yes. Yes they did.

Not only was the line of nearly-naked people outside the store almost a block long, but these people were amped up. We're not talking about a queue of people, glumly dressed in their underwear and immersed in their iPhones, avoiding eye contact and pretending nothing was happening. This was a real party.

Once the doors were open, the early birds burst into the store and ransacked the racks of clothes, choosing the outfits they'd come home with. You can see the outfits they chose in the pictures. Kelly Cutrone was even on hand to offer fashion advice.

If you think these photos look amazing and fun (because they do) and you're brave and confident, you haven't missed your chance! There's one more Undie Party in NYC, this Tuesday on Fifth Avenue.

This is probably the best picture I've ever seen.