"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" The GOTO Jazz & Gin Gala

by Chiara Atik · March 1, 2010

How do you judge a successful charity gala? By the amount of money raised for your cause, in this case a nonprofit which provides art and music education to underprivileged Middle School students? Or do you judge it by how many people end up doing the worm in their tuxes?-

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The GOTO Group held their annual gala last Friday at Capitale, and attendees really took the Jazz & Gin theme to heart, though we did see a couple Patron bottles lying about.

This party impressed us at GofG for two reasons:

First of all, people were Un.In.Hibited on the dance floor. The worm was the least of it; people were, like, doing the charleston. In one of pictures below, there is a guy splayed on the floor, and a girl proudly resting her heel on him, like they're in Grease or something. Obviously, no one at that party needed to reference the Guide To Dancing we did last week.

Secondly: Where did everyone get the amazing 1920s beaded dresses? Usually, theme parties are disastrous; at most people will have gotten a plastic-y thing at Ricky's. At this party though, people showed up decked in beautiful, delicate, intricate gowns that looked like their great-grandmother's must have saved them just in case their granddaughters happened to attend a Jazz & Gin themed gala someday.

Guys with suave dance moves? Girls in perfect flapper dresses? We're beginning to think the promoters figured out a way to transport people from the 20s in to 2010 just for the occasion...