"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" Tom Green Parties Like It's 1999

by Chiara Atik · February 24, 2010

Tom Green showed up at Marquee on Sunday night and the crowd went wild. People were clamoring to get a picture with the comedian, and with good reason: partying with Tom Green 10 years ago would have been no big deal. But partying with Tom Green now? It's like going back in time.-

Much like Santa Claus, Tom Green was a part of our lives in childhood (well, Middle School/Early High School), who disappeared from our consciousness after he lost his testicle, and soon after, his relevance. Once he and Drew Barrymore divorced, Green disappeared from celebrity gossip all together.

And then, all of the sudden, he makes an appearance at Marquee, reminding us of the glorious years before the sobering 9/11 attacks, when a movie like "Freddy Got Fingered" could be made, and people could like it. (Sure, the movies was arguably a predecessor for gross-out comedies like "Borat", but were it filmed now, the movie would probably just be called "Freddy". )

Now, Green has been admirably performing for the USO Troops, and did a gig at Comix, which was well received. It was the success of last Sunday's Comix performance that led him to celebrate at Marquee.

Of COURSE people wanted to take their pictures next to the former comedy star, the living legend, the one who took Monica Lewinsky's purse designing business and brought it to America. If you could take a picture next to 1999, wouldn't you?

[All photos via Kirillwashere]