"Best $2K I Ever Spent!" VICE Presents Fashion Week Internationale

by Chelsea Burcz · October 12, 2011

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Last night VICE celebrated their new series on vice.com called "Fashion Week Internationale," where a leggy young presenter, Charlet Duboc, travels through the lesser known "Fashion Weeks" of the world.

Her travels begin in Islamabad, Pakistan, through "Full Figured Fashion Week" in New York, and then to Colombia where women booty-pop on the cat walk.  The series, both insightful and unwittingly funny, is produced and directed by Andy Capper and William Fairman.

Charlet says of the series,

"Since eve bit the apple, everyone has to get dressed in the morning, no matter where you're from. When you watch this I hope you'll feel you're seeing a bit of the world you've didn't know existed. Each episode is a 30 min foray  into what makes these varying younger generations tick- something often denied to us in the news. The fashion weeks we cover act as a vehicle for a broader story about these communities, with any luck painting an unseen picture of what's really happening around the world."

Check out the trailer here: