"Best 2K I Ever Spent!" We Ingratiate Ourselves With Fieshta Fieshta

by SUSANNAH LONG · April 20, 2010

The kids at Fieshta Fieshta made us laugh, they made us cry, and they made us desperately want to be like them. We hurled compliments their way, hoping one would strike home.

Seriously, they were so bonito with their tall glasses and their wild dance moves and their whipping strands of hair (which smelled of jasmine and honeysuckle and awesomeness.) Sigh. Call us, guys! Maybe we can hang out some time?

Gosh, you remind me of a young David Bowie!

We have that same shirt! I bet we have other things in common, too.

Your fringe begets lovely visions of both Pocahontas and the Far East.

Your half-sleeve makes me think you have great pain tolerance. Can I punch you in the face to see? Or you can punch me in the face! Whatever you prefer!

Ha ha! You guys sure know how to rassle! Good job.

You are totally going to bring thumb rings back.

You look like Stanley Tucci. But hotter.

I want to turn you into a dirty Wonder Twins cartoon and make merchandise with your faces on it and sell the merchandise at Hot Topic.

Your faces are so flexible and so pretty.

Your face is even more flexible. And prettier. Shh. Don't tell the others.

Are you a professional dancer? I don't mean the naked kind, I mean the "Center Stage" kind. Have you seen that quality film? Maybe we could watch it together some time.

Your hair is full of texture like a granola bar is full of granola.

Your fingers look so powerful. I bet you could crush that glass if you wanted to.

Great moves, girl! Whoop whoop! Work it! Other phrases of encouragement!

You two. I bet there's a photo of you guys in the dictionary next to "ballers."

Please look at me.

Your wrist tattoo is so creative! However did you think of that?

Your man-sideboob puts Lindsay Lohan to shame.

Man, if you guys had been the poster kids for smoking, toddlers would smoke now!

I want your hat.

You make lasso-ing look hip and urban. And your teeth are really white. You're basically my ideal person.

Please teach me how to kiss.

Please teach me how to love.

[All photos courtesy of ICanTeachYouHowToDoIt]