"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Mr. Belding, Party Animal, Is BACK!

by SARAH MANDATO · November 25, 2009

Um, YES! This might warrant instant nomination to the Best $2k Hall of Fame, because few photos have actually caused us to spew our morning coffee across our keyboards. Forget A-list, because the amazing list at Juliet to hear Anthony Batista included Mr. Belding, Bayside's famous head honcho. He likely stopped in to show off both his flirty red scarf and what we can only imagine are some pretty. insane. dance. moves.

With Zach also on the scene, will these two be the next bottle service studs tearing up tables at our favorite nightlife spots? Either way, news that Belding is back, hopefully with his horribly bad jokes in tow, means Thanksgiving has certainly come early.

[All photos via KirillWasHere].