"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Webster Hall Brings Out Ronald McDonald, Bieber Look Alike

by REBECCA MACATEE · December 1, 2010

This Girls & Boys shindig at Webster Hall drew in quite an eclectic crowd. Quail Man, girls in bondage, Ronald McDonald, an unintentional Justin Bieber look-alike and a hodge podge mix of quirky souls came together to party full force. Take a look at the debauchery...

I recognize you, Zorro.

Remember "Doug" aka the greatest Nickelodeon cartoon ever? Think he ever got with Patty Mayonnaise? Quail Man would know...

"Listen, for the last time, I didn't bring enough McRib sandwiches for everybody!"

Rawr! This Lion looks like he belongs on the Jersey Shore.

This is NOT me having Bieber fever... But this guy totally looks like a bigger, blonder version of the Biebs!

The obligatory S&M chick graces the party with her presence. She even color coordinated her hair and bondage wraps for the occasion!

Looks like this dude's having a jolly green time.


[via nicky digital]