"Best 2k I Ever Spent" Where Everyone Went After Trash at Webster Hall

by M.J. Koury · May 6, 2011

The thing about this past Trash Party at Webster Hall (or...every Trash Party?) is that everyone looked like they had plans to be somewhere else afterward. Even though the popular -and eclectic- party raged until early in the morning, we're sure they went somewhere else after. 

The Village Voice caught it all on camera and pictures can be found here.

1. Half-shaven heads, indoor shades, spiked cuffs, and black eye makeup.

Goths! Heading to a Goth party in the Lower East Side, right? Goths have replaced hipsters, and these ones were surely coming to or from the nearest industrial show.

2. Intricate and vividly colorful face paint.

Cirque du Soleil! They look stiff here, but I'll place money that these mysterious partygoers are secretly super spry.

3. Really huge hat.

Kentucky Derby?

4. Jumpsuit...stretching...

Equinox! As if dancing with reckless abandon is not exercise enough.

5. The Suit. The bandana.

A very important lunch! A biker bar!

6. A red plaid uniform.

Morning at the local Catholic school.