"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Who Let the Dogs Out? Celebrating North Shore Animal League

by REBECCA MACATEE · December 15, 2010

Beth Ostrosky Stern and Pacha NYC threw their annual celebration to support the North Shore Animal League. Real rescue pups were the evening's A-listers!  See below for some of our favorite pictures of people and pooches. Check out our entire gallery HERE.

Beth's famous shock-jock husband, Howard Stern, wasn't in attendance, but we're hoping Beth brought him home a pup from the party!

What's that they say about animals and their owners starting to look alike? Look no further than that Chihuahua's outfit!

Guys, if you want to pick up girls, get a dog. Puppies are proven chick magnets.

We can't quite figure out the girl on the left's costume... Pirate? Sheep-herder? Eskimo? Who cares? It's working for her. And that gentleman on the right's got all the moves!

There were no dogs on the dance floor...

But the lady of the hour, Beth Ostrosky Stern, took a minute to pose with the most fabulous pooch of the party. THOSE EARS! I want.

Upon closer look,this dog is wearing a beige jumpsuit. I really hope she brought this home to Howard.