"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Why Was Everyone Half Naked At Kiss & Fly???

by Mara Siegler · December 17, 2010

Ever have that feeling when you're at da club and like, after a few Jager Bombs or say, Red Bull and Vodkas, your clothes start feeling tight and constrictive? What else is there to do but take them off? And dance? Seriously dance. It was the motto of the night at Kiss & Fly.

I have no idea what they are celebrating (the human body?) or who they are working for (assuming they are promoting something) but these girls didn't just go with the standard bra and panties. They got themed.

Madonna meets ballerina.

Booty. Simply booty.

Dirty masquerade.

This guy certainly needs that entire bottle after watching these women for a few minutes.

These two were not about to strip down. Don't even think about it, bro.

Either was this girl. Wait-is that Snooki? Snooki would have stripped. And punched someone while she was at it.

This guy was also mad. Not because anyone asked him to show his tits, but because all the attention was taken off his make-up. You have no idea how long that took. Glitter is a very hard material to work with.

Aside from him, pretty everyone else had a good time. Even with clothes on.

[Via KirillWasHere]