"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Yankees Win World Series '09! Go To Party At 1Oak...

by Rachelle Hruska · November 5, 2009

UPDATE: Watch our video of the players partying it up at 1Oak, HERE!

[Photo via Eric Faison] Whether you are the Yankees' biggest fan, or you think ARod is a schmuck that gets paid way too much... if you are a New Yorker you will excuse the celebratory crowds for the next couple of days and let us enjoy this win. While the crowds were a hot mess with crazy Yankee fans burning Philly cheese steaks (true story) and wrecking havoc on our city streets for the NYPD to clean up, where did the players themselves go to celebrate? 1Oak was where the after party went down. Who was there?

Arod, Kate Hudson, Derek Jeter, Minka Kelly, and all of the rest of the gang were spotted singing along to Jay Z at 1Oak, making this the hottest party to be at this week.

The game was an experience of a lifetime. Click below for more celebratory photos, and come back all day for more!

[Some photos via peterkreder]