"Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Zev Norotsky's Birthday At CV

by Chiara Atik · January 19, 2010

Friends of Zev Norotsky celebrated his birthday last Thursday by throwing him a huge party at CV, pouring champagne down his throat and vodka on the floor, and even dressing as his dream girl, Snooki.-

Last year's birthday celebration at Pink Elephant now looks downright sober in comparison with this year's debauchery. Friends decided the best way to celebrate another year in Zev's life was to  dress like various versions of him, while the birthday boy himself came dressed, seemingly, as "Matador Zev". Guests enjoyed freeflowing (literally) alcohol, and a performance by Oneal McKnight.

As you look through the pictures, can you tell who was "Club Zev", "Hamptons Golf Classic Zev", "Memorial Day Weekend Zev" and "On The Prowl/Dream Girl Zev AKA Snooki"? (The last one is not difficult.)

Carson Griffith                               Kirill, Ariel Moses

Compromised motor skills?

[Photos via Kirill]