"The Best $2k I Ever Spent!" Bowl Stupid In Brooklyn

by Chiara Atik · February 12, 2010

Diesel's new ad campaign is urging people to "Be Stupid" (and buy jeans??), and the attendees at this month's Fader Bowl in Brooklyn took the time-old adage to heart.-

The event featured music by Restless People and MNDR. Guests were treated to complimentary bowling, drinks, and even clothing giveaways from Diesel. I wonder if people were disappointed when the giveaways turned out to be promotional t-shirts, and not $200 designer jeans. After all, a t-shirt with "Be Stupid" printed on it is just one step away from one that says "I'm With Stupid"; hardly Diesel-chic.

None the less, something about wearing the shirt, or being in a bowling alley surrounded by the slogan, forced people to really, really take the message to heart...

[All images via Nicky Digital]