It was a long time coming, but Cat Marnell's tell-all memoir, How To Murder Your Life, is finally in the hands of the public. Needless to say, the book "for all the party girls" called for a cool-kid bash so far downtown, it ended up in Brooklyn. Artists, graffiti writers, fashion girls, and DJs crowded into the new Bushwick haunt, Private Party (just opened by Cat's bestie OJ, a.k.a. Slutlust), to grab #HTMYL hospital bracelets, sip on cans of Babe Rosé, and dance amid some one-of-a-kind art to the sounds of Prince Terrence, The Umbrella Boyz, Blu Jemz, and twin DJ duo, Angel + Dren. Of course, they also came to congratulate the author of the hour, who was outfitted in a dramatic lavender wig and sheer gown. Girl knows how to work the spotlight. Click through for an inside look!

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