Lauren Bush Hosts Feed-Raiser At Chelsea Art Museum

by Chiara Atik · December 9, 2009

    Yesterday evening, many of New York's philanthropically-oriented citizens attended a  Holiday fundraiser in support of FEED.[All photos by Patrick McMullan for PMc]. Guests were invited to enjoy cocktails and purchase unique items at the "Market" which had been temporarily set up in the Chelsea Art Museum Galleries. All proceeds benefit Lauren Bush and Ellen Gustafson's FEED project, which seeks to provide meals for the world's 400 million hungry children. For each FEED bag purchased, 1 child will be fed in school for an entire year; a FEED bear can supply food for up to 5 children. Attendees of last night's event eagerly stocked up on the wide variety of FEED products, and no wonder: no other gift this season is more imbued with the true spirit of Christmas.

    Ellen Gustafson, Lauren Bush          Sharon Bush

    Alan Pinto, Jessica Ausieo

    Christina Marchitto, Maureen Lynch  Jackie Shafiroff, Jean Shafiroff

    Ellen Gustafson, Dylan Lauren, Lauren Bush, Sharon Bush

    Rose Adkins, Victoria Mukovozov Kimberly Mimnaugh, Hunter Palmer Kelly Poston, Nicole Gabona

    Stephanie Harcrow, Henry Hargraves, Joost Gieskes, Meredith Sceibino

    Noah Lukeman, Lindsay Harrison, Matthew Harrison

    Sara Ann Johnson, Alexandra Seegers, Sharon Bush, Jennifer Bawden