New York Junior League's Spring Auction At Capitale

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · April 26, 2010

    Juliet Falchi, Kate Falchi, Alison Zimmerman

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    The New York Junior League held its 11th Annual Spring Auction on Friday at Capitale, where proceeds went towards the foundation's community service projects, like the Playground Improvement Project.

    In addition to the live and silent auctions, attendees nibbled on hors d’oeuvres and danced in celebration of the simply splendid weather we've been having -- aside from today, of course. (We're assuming this, of course, but last week's weather was pretty so great that the dancing probably had something to do with the springing of Spring. Cocktails probably made the dance floor more alluring, too. They always do.)

    The women of the NYJL promote volunteerism, future opportunities for women, and improving the community by participating in projects that help New York's children and families. Since 1992, one of these projects has been the Playground Improvement Project, where a park in New York City undergoes complete renovation and revitalization. This year, the NYJL chose the St. Nicholas Park in Harlem. As for the other parks waiting to get their teeth whitened: to you we say there's always next year.

    Ingrid Heide, Heather Blond