Platinum Jewels In Bloom Host Reception For Central Park

by GLORIA SUHR · November 11, 2009

    [All photos by JP PULLOS for PMc]. Last night, Madison Avenue Platinum Jewels In Bloom held a kick-off reception at a private residence benefiting the Central Park Conservancy.  The event was held in conjunction with W Magazine-

    The Central Park Conservancy is responsible for bringing in 85% of Central Park's 27 million dollar annual operating budget. The agency manages all environmental and aesthetic upkeep for the park which range anywhere from raking leaves and protecting lakes from pollution to maintaining the drainage system.  So, the next time you're in central park having a lazy Sunday stroll, remember that it took $27 million to keep debris and leaves off your shoes.  Thanks Platinum Jewels in Bloom!  Check out more photos below...

    Jennifer Scheucher, Michelle Peranteau, Heather Rogoff, Liz Duffy

    Kamie Lightburn, Jennifer Scheucher, Michelle Peranteau, Bill Gould

    Cara Scalfani, Prema O'Grady Kamie Lightburn, Gillian Miniter Cara Scalfani, Prema O'Grady         Kamie Lightburn, Gillian Miniter

    Elissa Lumley, Dana Devito Gail Winston, Carineh Martin Elissa Lumley, Dana Devito            Gail Winston, Carineh Martin

    Sandy Wu, Harry Lin Sandy Wu, Harry Lin

    McDowell Winn, Kamie Lightburn Matthew Bauer McDowell Winn, Kamie Lightburn   Matthew Bauer

    Mag Goossens, Christine Cachot Mag Goossens, Christine Cachot

    Marnie Braverman, Nicholas Gennis Marnie Braverman, Nicholas Gennis

    Amy Rosi Rosita Sarnoff, Barbara Evans-Butler Amy Rosi                                       Rosita Sarnoff, Barbara Evans-Butler