STIMUA Holds Blow-Out Bash At Greenhouse

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · February 15, 2010

    STIMUA, which raises awareness and funding for Autism research, held a "blow-out bash" at Greenhouse to benefit the Cooke Center for Learning and Development.

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    As the largest provider of specialized education services in the city, the Cooke Center offers programs for students from Kindergarten through 12th grade, and works with schools and parents to provide each child with an education according to their needs.

    Hosted by Rachel Prinstein and Jamie Rubin, guests drank signature STIMUA cocktails and, as seen above, quite possibly did what we at GofG think could be some raging. But then again, it was for a good cause, so we're not judging and quite sure any and all "funky chickens" were met with open arms.