Uma Thurman Lets Loose On The Turnaround For Children Step And Repeat

by Chiara Atik · April 14, 2010

    [All photos by Chance Yeh for PMc] The inaugural Turnaround For Children benefit was held last night at the Plaza Hotel. Emily Mortimer, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Tory Burch were among the attendees. Also, Uma Thurman was there, and she, well...we'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


    Sometimes people are awkward while posing for the step and repeat. You can usually tell when someone is a novice: they'll be too stiff, or too posed, or too enthusiastic. Uma Thurman, however, has walked much more intimidating S&Rs (Oscars, anyone?) for years, so maybe she felt like it was time to have a little bit of fun. What else could explain her fidgety swaying/dance from one foot to the other?

    The other (much more sedate) attendees enjoyed dinner as well as a performance by Broadway's Kelli O'Hara. The eventraised over $1.1 million for the charity, which supports multidisciplinary intervention at low-performing New York City schools by confronting the role that poverty plays in educational environments.

    Uhm, work it, Uma?

    Barbara Bush                                    Emily Mortimer

    Fern Mallis                                       Lauren DuPont, Derek Blasberg

    NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg         Tory Burch

    Eleanor Ylvisaker, Bronson Van Wyck, Rebekah McCabe Herve Larretche, Kat Cohen

    Amber Stachowski, Amy Stachowski, Ashley Stachowski Alison Brod, Greg Kelly

    Heather Mnuchin                  Karyn Zucker, Nina Davidson

    Simone Levinson, Kelli O'Hara                 Shoshanna Gruss