Coachella 2010 In Pictures

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · April 19, 2010

    Well, Coachella's over. Didn't get to go? There's always next year. (At least that's what they used to say pre-Icelandic volcano.) Anyhow, here's a ginormous bunch of pictures that will make you want to start cruising for flights to Cali and drink skunked beer.

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    Not to rub it in or anything, but this year's lineup was pretty sick. Jay-Z and Beyonce performed, which is undoubtedly the hardest pill to swallow for those of us who spent this weekend mopping our kitchen floors and playing darts at our neighborhood bar. But Spoon, Thom Yorke, Phoenix, MGMT, She & Him, and La Roux were also there. This means we can't pretend we didn't miss out on an epic event. It just means admitting it pretty painful.

    We also have the people in the pictures below to thank for our lowly spirits today. After the festivities ended yesterday, they hopped on their planes and got in their cars and went home to commence gloating in front of the rest of us. You'll probably come across at least one Coachella-attendee in your travels today, and you'll recognize them from their unique combination of pleasant relaxation, exhaustion, and their muddy straw hats. If anything, just think about how you've gotten more sleep the past few days than they did, and remind yourself of everything you're going to do with your new Sham-Wow.