Daily Style Phile: James Middleton, Naked Controversy

by Mara Siegler · May 5, 2011

    Kate Middleton garnered attention last week for tying the royal knot, but her brother James is stealing the spotlight in the most scandalous way possible--nudie photos!  Let's take a look at the bad boy brother.



    Attended swanky  Marlborough College, whose tuition these days is roughly $50K a year, with sisters Kate and Pippa.

    Studied English at Edinburgh college for a year before dropping out.

    Sounds like a bitch. He reportedly gets upset when paps don't recognize him.

    He lives in London, sharing a flat in Chelsea with Pippa and Ella, his black cocker spaniel puppy.



    He's been called a “posh-preneur,” but seems to be doing well for himself. He developed The Cake Kit Company in 2007, designed partly to encourage children to cook and partly to make the baking of party cakes easier. They are sold on his parents web site Party Pieces. After the uptick in sales caused from Kate's nuptials, he has registered three new business: Nice Cakes, Nice Wine and Nice Group London.



    “James Middleton gay” has become a hot enough search term that Google has turned it into an auto-suggest! There is no proof he is gay, but he has caused a scandal due to nude pictures that surfaced of him on the internet, as well as ones of him outfitted in a dress.

    The photos were taken several years ago, but with Kate's recent wedding they have begun to circulate online again. "James is just a typical lad who likes to mess around with his friends and do silly things for laughs," a friend tells Us Weekly. "These photos were not for the public, they were on his private Facebook profile and someone managed to get in and take them. He'd rather they weren't out there."


    More seriously, James was recently linked to a controversial investment company, Forestry for Life, which  was selling investments in a rainforest that did not yet exist.



    Now that James is part of the Royal family, expect him to calm down.  There is no way the monarchy will allow him to keep this up.