One Lucky Reader Will Get A Chance To Sit At Fameballer Justin Ross Lee's Table!

by SARAH MANDATO · August 26, 2009

    You've heard about JRL. It's hard to explain what exactly the fameball does (beyond being just generally obnoxious), but he just keeps popping up. Bridgehampton Polo might want none of him, but tomorrow he'll be the man of the hour for the Tabloid Whore party at The Gates. People in this city love splashing the pages of weeklies, so Simply Chic PR is bringing all the gossipers, scandals, breakups, makeups and cr-tch flashers together for an evening hosted by the internet "don't." The best part? We're going to put a lucky newsletter reader at JRL's exclusive table!!!!

    Go SIGN UP now to get your chance to be part of this VERY SPECIAL GIVEAWAY!

    Don't worry, we'll make sure they get some group shops and send them home with autographed pictures. Similar to our relationship with tabloids themselves, are you not slightly horrified, but also DYING of curiosity, at the same time? We might even summon our best Brit or Paris ensemble, ourselves, to check out what we know will be a ridiculous but classic evening.

    We are so good to our readers....