15 Things We Want You To Know About Liza Minnelli At Rose Bar

by Chiara Atik · September 29, 2010

    Yesterday, we touched briefly on seeing Liza sing at Gramcery Park Hotel Monday night. This morning, we realized we left too many things left unsaid.-


    1. Liza Minnelli sat the entire time. Which was fine, but just made us wonder how the hell she managed to do this:

    2. Tony Danza was there.

    3. Tony Danza is apparently BFF with Alan Cumming. (If they weren't before the concert, they definitely were by the end of the night. They two were talking the entire time.)

    4. Speaking of Alan Cumming, it's possible this was the best night of his life. (He was leaning over in his front row seat, hanging on to her every word. Plus he hung out with Tony Danza all night, how can you beat that?)

    5. Liza Minnelli+Open Bar=a lot of shout outs from the male audience. ( "Sing it, Liza!")

    6. Mary Louise Parker was there. Mary Louse Parker was very polite when a reporter asked her how she likes being on Mad Men. (She is on Weeds.) ("I knew it was something buzzy..." said the reporter...)

    7. Mary Louise Parker's boyfriend, Charlie Mars, is crazy hot.

    8. Nur Khan wore sleeves. (It was raining.)

    9.  Liza didn't sing "Cabaret", or "New York, New York", or "Sing Happy".

    10. Liza did sing Peggy Lee's "He's A Tramp", so that sort of made up for it.

    11. But she only sang 6 songs. :-(

    12.  But she bantered with the audience! :-)

    13. Liza said "Have you ever seen so much retouching in your life?" about her CD cover. The audience laughed, uncomfortably.

    14. Liza really does sound like Judy Garland when she talks.

    15. Liza was very shaky. I said drugs, Kunst said Parkinsons, Liza said nerves. (We'll go with Liza on this one.)

    Alan Cumming, Sandra Bernhard, Tony Danza, Mary-Louise Parker

    Mary Louise Parker, Charlie Mars