24th Letter Cocktail Mixer Event At Crown

by Barbara Russ · March 21, 2012

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    Last night, the 24th letter, a club without permanent address, which organizes pop-up get-togethers and networking events for their members, hosted a cocktail mixer event at Crown.

    Co-Founder and CEO Lawrence Kaplan and Chief Brand Officer Horacio Silva welcomed their exclusive guests such as Editor-in-Chief of Columbia Journalism Review Cyndi Stivers, fashion executive Scott Currie, socialites Annelise Peterson and Susan Shin, InStyle publisher Connie Anne Phillips, artist Joseph LaPiana, Monica Siskind, Mona Arnold, Greg Arnold, Rozita Shay, Adlin de Domingo, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Aleksandra Cragg, Susan Shin, Casey Schlaybaugh, Karen Duffy, Candi Naboischeck, Maggie Borner, CJ Follini, Rachel Summers, Caroline Andoscia, Dan Scheffeey, Susan Cappa, Joseph Lapiana, Jane Wagman, Connie Anne Phillips, and Janera Sobrel to a night of networking and cocktails.

    [Monica Siskind, Lawrence Kaplan] [Annelise Peterson, Horatio Silva, Emma Snowdon-Jones]

    [Horacio Silva, Emma Snowdon-Jones]

    [Aleksandra Cragg, Susan Shin]

    [Cyndi Stivers, Lawrence Kaplan, John Favro]

    [Pamela Berkovic, Jim Heckler]

    [L:Maggie Borner] [M,R: CJ Follini, Rachel Summers]

    [Susan Rose, Michael Kubin]

    [R: Janera Sobrel]

    [Jane Wagman, Connie Anne Phillips]

    [Caroline Andoscia, Susan Cappa, Joseph Lapiana]