24th Letter Hosts 'Hedonism In New York' Salon At Christie's

by Barbara Russ · April 25, 2012

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    24th Letter hosted their first Salon event last night at Christie's. The club without a permanent address featured a discussion titled "Hedonism in New York" with Glenn O'Brien, Michael Musto and Judith Regan.

    Other notable guests included Pat Cleveland, Maggie Borner, Lydia FenetLawrence Kaplan, Lisa Anastos, Glenn O'Brien, Judith Regan, Michael Musto, Christophere Makos, Ariane De Bonvoisin, Alfie van der Zwan, Christophere Mason, Whit Stillman, Saskia De Rothschild, Bob Colacello, Caroline Andoscia, Spencer Tompkins, Christian Lawless, Patti Kim, Rachel Summers, Natalia Borges, Andrea D'orazio, and Paul Solberg.

    [Michael Musto, Pat Cleveland]

    [Ed Baynard, Lawrence Kaplan, Lisa Anastos] [Maggie Borner, Lydia Fenet]

    [Glenn O'Brien, Judith Regan, Michael Musto, Horacio Silva]

    [Paul Solberg, Pat Cleveland, Christophere Makos]

    [Christophere Mason] [Lawrence Kaplan, Ariane De Bonvoisin, Alfie van der Zwan]

    [Lawrence Kaplan, Whit Stillman]

    [Shala, Elle Muliarchyk]

    [Lawrence Kaplan, Saskia De Rothschild, JT, Bob Colacello]

    [Caroline Andoscia, Spencer Tompkins][Christian Lawless, Patti Kim, Rachel Summers]

    [Natalia Borges, Andrea D'orazio]

    [Lawrence Kaplan, Horacio Silva]