A Glow-In-The-Dark Ode To DJ AM, Who Would Have Turned 37 Today

by LIZ JENEAULT · March 30, 2010

    Friends of Adam Michael Goldstein, DJ AM, gathered at Kenny Scharf's Cosmic Cavern on Saturday as an ode to the annual Ultra Music Festival--where the DJ had consistently performed.

    Today, March 30, would have been Adam's 37th birthday. His friends, still emotional over Adam's sudden death, danced the night away while adorned in neon face paint and eccentric clothing. The ecstatic atmosphere, infused with Adam's spirit, formulated a glow over the entire crowd.

    Katia Tallarico, a dear friend of Adam's, shared her experience of the night:

    [DJ] AM laid the beats that were the platform of my movement on many a night, stimulating a primal energy in me - a familiar pleasure and ecstatic release.  I recognized that connection again and felt so grateful that I still feel inspired by his presence.  To accept that we are now communicating on another level has been a sort of breakthrough.

    For Adam's friends, listening to the music he created makes them nostalgic for the treasured moments they shared with the DJ. And as they joined forces on Saturday night, they were able to celebrate the memory of such a loved individual.

    [All photos via Trontnort]