A Midsummer's Night... Swing

by CHRISTINE CHUNG · July 15, 2010

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    Three words. Outdoor Dance Party. Last night at a Midsummer Night Swing, people donned their floatiest dresses and dancing shoes, and stepped out to Lincoln Center for a night of Shakespearean-style revelry and swing dancing.

    Guests, young and old, hopped, whirled, and twirled to a dance lesson, and later tested out their skills to the the smooth blues crooning of Catherine Russell and Cat & The Hounds Swing Band (what a mouthful!). Dancers of all levels of experience seemed to have a ball on the massive dance floor, dancing for hours on end. As the last of the sunlight faded, neon lights filled the stage and city life seemed miles away as people got their swing on.

    For your taste of dancing in the moonlight, check out some of the incredible lineup for the remainder of the summer. The three week dance party's 22nd season's time is running short. Midsummer Night Swing comes to a close on Saturday, and we feel a disco fever coming on...