A Night of Music: Making Books Sing Summer Fling

by SARAH FLOREA · July 30, 2010

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    Books rarely sing, but last night in Brooklyn they made an exception to the rule.  Making Books Sing is an inspiring program that brings literature to the stage with live performances, encouraging  young children to open their minds to the world of imagination. Their main goal is to make sure that children walk away with new ideas, insights, and information.-

    Performing in last nights line up were: Soce the Elemental Wizard, Garry Novikoff, Gabrielle Gewirtz, Hank Wagner, and Gabrielle Gold.  These crowd pleasing artisans left the crowd begging for more.  Guitars, keyboards, and the sounds of a flute filled the sweet summer nights air.  These performances supported SAFE (Shelters, Arts, Families and Education) program serving homeless children and families.

    There were no limits to the performances that night, the performers pulled out all of their tricks.  Amongst these tricks of theirs were the unbelievable dance moves that had the audience up on their feet grooving to the beats.

    The breezy, cool weather made up for a wonderful night of great tunes and charity fund raising.  Performers put their hearts and souls into the concert and the audience left with their ears still swimming with the great sounds of the night.