Adam Lindemann's Absinthe Opening Of "A Rebours" At Venus Over Manhattan

by Yumi Matsuo · May 10, 2012

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    Last night, collector and art writer, Adam Lindemann, launched his new gallery Venus Over Manhattan with the group show "A Rebours." The exhibit features over 50 art and artifacts, including works by Jeff Koons, Odilon Redon, Salvador Dali, and Gavin Kenyon. The show opens to the public tonight and runs until the end of June.

    Guests included Amalia Dayan, Tony Shafrazi, Adam Lindemann, Hope Atherton, Gavin Brown, Elizabeth Mason, Laura Eastwood, Erin Fetherston, Charlotte Kidd, Emily Jerome, Emily Kaplan, Yvonne Force Villareal, Elise Overland, Peggy Siegal, Amalia Dayan, Charlotte Lindemann, Frances Lindemann, Stacy Engman, Bob Shaye, Anthony Haden-Guest, Tara Subkoff, Stephanie LaCava, Peter Knell, Liz Learned, Eric Foss, Cecilia Dean, Paul Kasmin, Nick Olney, Hayden Dunbar, Linda Evangelista, Peter Morton, Yung Hee Kim, Doreen Remen, and Eric Pinto.

    [Elizabeth Mason, Stacy Engman, Laura Eastwood, Eric Pinto]

    [Right: Charlotte Kidd]

    [Adam Lindemann]

    [Elizabeth Mason, Laura Eastwood]

    [Jeff Koons Piece: Violet-Ice]

    [Erin Fetherston] [Hope Atherton]

    [Emily Jerome] [Erin Fetherston, Laura Eastwood]

    [Absinthe Lab]

    [Laura Eastwood]