Anna Wintour And Ginnifer Goodwin Attend Vionnet Celebration

by ALISON KRAWCZYK · April 7, 2010

    [All images by Clint Spaulding for PMc] Last night, fashion's finest stepped out to celebrate Vionnet, a French fashion house at a cocktail party at Saks Fifth Avenue. Anna Wintour, Rodolfo Paglialunga, and Ginnifer Goodwin were among the many attendees.-

    Vionnet was a pioneering fashion line in the 20's and 30's until the founder, Madeleine Vionnet, shut her doors in 1939. She had been the first to design for comfort with draping and wrapping  instead of using buttons and zippers. In addition, Vionnet developed some of the first dress-design copyrighting methods. She dressed Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich.

    Earlier this year, the fashion brand received a revival from Matteo Marzotto and Gianni Castigliono, who bought the rights to Vionnet. They hired Rodolfo Paglialunga to take over designing for the line. He kept his designs reminiscent to Vionnet's original character. The spring 2010 collection had many long tunics, versatile dresses, and more.

    Last night at Saks, the guests enjoyed a look at the 2010 line. In attendance was Lauren Remington Platt, Jessica Stam, Asia Baker, Veronica Sgaravatti, Amy Astley, and dancer Roberto Bolle.

    Lauren Remington Platt, Asia Baker, Claiborne Swanson, Meredith Melling Burke, Andrew Bevan

    Sylvana Soto Ward, Ferebee Taube, Alexandra Katur, Louis Rose, Alexandra Lind Rose

    Lizzie Tisch, Tom Florio, Matteo Marzotto

    Chuck Bennett, Alexis Bryan Morgan, Jessica Stam

    Anna Wintour, Roberto Bolle, Lottie Oakley, Terron Schaefer, Caroline Packer

    Eddie Borgo, Megan Hayes, Keegan Singh

    Samantha Zaitz, Hilary Zaitz, Suzanne Johnson, Patrick O'Connell, Caroline Packer

    Eugenia Gonzalez, Molly Leis, Leilani Bishop

    Serena Palumbo, Mona Andrikian, Tom Florio, Veronica Sgaravatti, Roberto Bolle