Another Night Of Wining & Dining With The Feast: L.E.S. Cirque

by Christina Makoyawo · August 26, 2011

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    Last night was the third night of a series of dining previews at the newly opened L.E.S Cirque at the Hotel Rivington.  Also hosted by Grey Goose® Vodka and designed by DeVinn Bruce, The Feast continued on with Le Cirque's Michelin Chef Craig Hopson and Grey Goose master mixologist Nick Mauton.

    Day 1: Le Cirque Comes To The Lower East Side.

    Day 2: "Best $2k I Ever Spent!" The Feast: L.E.S. Cirque Sets Out To Give Hotel On Rivington A Face Lift

    You have 1 more day to take advantage of the series since it ends tonight. Each dinner has featured a "theme" ingredient such as lobster, watermelon, sweet corn, and last night's theme of heirloom tomatoes. Mauton's Grey Goose cocktails are also inspired by the “theme” ingredient by incorporating the brand’s La Poire, L’Orange and Le Citron flavored vodkas for tasty creations.