Catherine Keener, Peter Tunney

Pruitt had one of his lime green gradient paintings on display, while the artist himself was a few blocks away at Barneys applying that same gradient paint style to his J. Brand jeans collaboration. Peter Tunney was on hand and chatted with revered actress Catherine Keener in front of his famous 'City Of Dreams' mixed media piece. Close had one of his most famous self-portraits on display, featuring the artist with shaggy hair, big glasses, and a cigarette in his mouth, positioned across a small but vibrant Damien Hirst painting. Upstairs there were even more of Close's paintings separate from the Fierce Creativity exhibit, including more self-portraits. Artists with major shows this year including Kiki Smith, Kara Walker, and Josephine Meckseper all showed off some of their strong works in the expertly curated show, which also serves as an excellent primer for curious newcomers of contemporary art. Catherine Keener, Peter Tunney [Catherine Keener, Peter Tunney by Matteo Prandoni/]
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