Ralph Lauren Hosts A Tastemakers Dinner In Celebration Of New Fragrance Collection

by Chiara Atik · July 16, 2010

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    Ralph Lauren just debuted their newest fragrance collection, Big Pony, by hosting a tastemakers dinner at The Shooting Kitchen last Tuesday evening. Guests enjoyed four courses, each of which were inspired by one of the four new colognes.-

    The Big Pony Fragrances represent the four key passions of young men: Sport, Seduction, Adventure, and Style. At the dinner, guests also explored the fifth key passion of young men: food.

    Greg Seider of The Summit Bar (one of GofG's favorites...) created a special cocktail in honor of the evening, while Wes Martin of The Rachael Ray show provided the food.  Sarah Simmons (Food & Wine's Home Cook Superstar) was sous-chef.   Wine pairings were selected by Gary Vaynerchuk, naturally. The food was pretty mouthwatering, leading even Fashion Bloggers to tweet about the smoked oysters, and  "chocolate dusted rib tart, followed by ginger semi-freddo.",

    Guests definitely enjoyed the dinner itself, but were the fragrances a hit? If Twitter is any indication, than definitely.

    @blakeley I smell like what Zac Efron's ab's looked like in 17 Again.

    (We're pretty sure that's a good thing.)

    True to the theme of the evening, the guest list was made up of, (who else?) the city's finest tastemakers, including the dashing Guillaume de Lesquen, Ben Lerer, Rachel Sklar, Rachelle Hruska, Steven Rojas, Rex Sorgatz, and Naveen Selvadurai.

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