Blaise & Co. Contemporary Art Opening: Pixie Cuts And Armpit Licks

by MIGUELINA NUNEZ · June 17, 2010

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    Blaise & Co. Contemporary Art hosted a private cocktail viewing of Winston Chmielinski and Leah Dixon's recent works, all of which are for sale by the painters. There were two stars at the center of this contemporary art showcase: Leah Dixon's haircut and Winston Chmielinski's sensual - yes, sensual - painting of the most erotic armpit-lick of all time.

    Blaise & Co. is a new-model curatorial initiative for Contemporary Art creators and enthusiasts headed by Blaise Niosi. The company helps up and coming artists gain recognition by introducing them to a network of fine art professionals through private art show cases. We wouldn't call ourselves fine art professionals by any means, but the paintings exhibited last night are a far, far cry from our college days dabbling in Studio Art.

    In fact, the only thing more orgasmic than the painting above, was Leah Dixon's haircut. We recognize that Winston sported the exact same unevenly cropped do, but unless you have been blessed with Halle Berry's face, it is incredibly difficult for a girl to look good in a pixie cut - am I right Renee Zellweger?



    We meet again, tie-dye (makes Renee Zellweger face):