Bloggers Boogie Down At B5 Media Party

by NATASHA STORER · May 26, 2010

    A party was held on Tuesday night at The Kingswood to launch B5 Media's new website ventures. The three new women-focused blogs include, and, therefore, it was only fitting that the theme of the night was "Women Take Back The Party".


    Some well themed cocktails were on hand, with obvious favorite being the tongue in cheek "Kate Moss" which consisted of Diet Red Bull, Vodka and some suspicious white marching powder around the rim (Ahem, we mean Splenda).

    With all these adrenaline induced cocktails going round it was no wonder the party was rocking with some heavy dance-offs later in the night from the heavy blogger crowd.

    Jennifer Wright, Kevin Kearney, Peter Feld

    Seth Porges, Erin Carlson

    Richard Blakely, Lindsay Kaplan, Nick McGlynn

    Michael Orell

    Jordan Berkow

    Peter Feld, Jennifer Wright

    [Photos via Nick McGlynn]