Bloggers Celebrate Themselves Again, This Time Hosted By PAPER

by Chiara Atik · June 25, 2010

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    Paper Magazine threw a party at the SoHo Grand last night to celebrate their Social Networking Issue. The magazine wanted to honor their bloggers, facebookers and tweeters, to which we say: it's about time! Social Networkers and bloggers really don't celebrate themselves enough.-

    We couldn't help but notice that fashion bloggers made up most of the guest list, and some of the Social Networking heavyweights did not attend. This made for a very fashionable  crowd, if not one entirely representative of social networking.

    Andrew and Andrew spent most of the night hanging out with Mickey Boardman (and their iPad), as guests milled about the Yard and tried Absolut Brooklyn, which, surprisingly, does not taste like PBR and disaffection.